Pro Landscaping understands that your property and everything on it deserves our respect. Our qualified crew leaders all have southern Ontario operational experience and certifications. Educated, trained and tested by governing authorities in our region, our crews will instill confidence through their knowledge and experience.

Our customers not only have the nicest lawns on the block, but they also have the least landscaper-related stress. Part of this is attributed to regular equipment maintenance which keeps our crews readily available and on-schedule. You will also find it helps that our employees are easily identifiable on site to address concerns. They have a generally friendly presence; are uniformed, polite and approachable. They can be seen operating clean equipment and marked vehicles you will be proud to have on your property.


Pro Landscaping takes care of its own. We take pride in our employees as we do our clients. As a result you can expect to see the same experienced individuals and familiar faces at your property year after year. We have found that the personal relationships we build between managers and residents consistently leads to the better understanding and satisfying of requests. Unlike franchises or massive corporate entities, Pro Landscaping will never leave you wondering whose in-charge or who to call in case of emergencies. It is most likely that you will regularly interact with familiar faces and be on a first name basis with your assigned crew leader. We understand the importance of our services at your property and overall you can expect the highest level of professionalism from our teams.

Don’t just take our word for it! We have determined that lasting working-relationships are best maintained by acting responsibly and showing accountability to our clients at all times. Documentation for projects and regular maintenance visits, often required to meet work-place safety standards, can be produced immediately on-site. Honesty and integrity have been what we built our business on… though referrals are nice too.


Pro Landscaping goes beyond lawn and garden maintenance. Landscape design and construction projects give us the opportunity to shine and help you make impactful first and lasting impressions at your property. Our soft or hardscape integration concepts will go beyond considering a variety of pertinent factors at your property such as maintenance requirements, functionality and cost.

Pro Landscaping will work with you to create the personal and sometimes emotional experience you envision. It is truly amazing how a great design and environmental change can positively affect ones attitudes and perceptions within that space.